The MRG KICK is a clone of the TR-808 Bass Drum. The major difference with the original circuit, apart from some adjustement for working at Eurorack levels and voltage, is on the trigger and envelope trigger mechanism.

The MRG KICK has two trigger inputs (TRIGGER1 and TRIGGER2). Each of them has a different accent level, and can be used independently to generate kicks at different accents that can be changed dynamically. This trigger works eiter with gate signals (e.g. square LFOs) or proper trigger (impulses) signals.

As the original, MRG KICK has control for TONE and DECAY. The DECAY in particular can be stretched to a longer decay than the original.

Technically, this is not a simple module. Based on a four layers PCB, it uses a rail-to-rail opamp, capable of full 24VPP output signal. This makes the MRG KICK a loud, powerful 808-like BD, perfect for saturation and distortion.

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Technical Details:

Width: 4HP (2cm)
Depth: 4cm

Panel Description:

TRIGGER1 First Trigger Signal
TRIGGER2 Second Trigger Signal
A1 Accent of TRIGGER1
A2 Accent of TRIGGER2
D Decay length
T Tone control
OUTPUT Output Signal