The MRG 4HP Series


The MRG 4HP Series is a family of modules built on a specific front panel framework. All MRG 4HP modules are characterised by the following:

  1. 4HP (2cm) wide.
  2. Six evenly spaced rows.

Each row might contains either:

  • Two 3.5mm Jacks (or LEDs)
  • One control knob

This allows all modules to look homogeneous, and saves rack space, by having a high ratio of functionality per HP.

All panels are made from 1.6mm FR4 PCB.

Lead-free PCBs, components and solder.

4hp top

Available modules

The following modules are currently for sale:

MRG VCO: Square and sawtooth VCO with sync, PWM and exponential FM. Extremely precise tracking.
MRG ADSR: Clean, snappy ADSR module with inverse output and separate trigger.
MRG VCA: Low noise dual VCA. Can be either used as two independent VCAs or to provide double modulation to a single signal.
MRG LPF: Clean classic 24dB resonance filter. CV control for both cutoff and resonance. Based on the Alfa clone of the CEM3320.
MRG LPF/a: An 18dB resonance filter with saturation. A departure from the classic sounds of MRG LPF, it is fun, acid-sounding, deep.
MRG FOLD: A Buchla 259 inspired wave folder with unique features.
MRG KICK: A quasi-clone of the TR-808 Bass Drum.
MRG RING: Dual Ring Modulator with CV cross fader.
MRG LFOs: Dual LFO 1Hz to 500Hz. Sawtooth, triangle and square waves.
MRG ATT: Triple passive attenuator.