MRG KICK Assembly Guide

The MRG KICK uses only through hole components.

Its build should be considered of medium difficulty given the number of components and steps required.

Theory of operation:

  1. If you bought the PCB+Panel only, acquire needed components (See Bill of Materials. All components used in this guide are already included in the full DIY kit.
  2. Build the Main PCB.
  3. Build the Front PCB.
  4. Install the front panel.

Main PCB build

kick pcb

Step A1. Start by soldering all horizontal resistors and, respecting their polarity, the diodes.

kick pcb

Step A2. Solder the 14-pin IC socket. If you don't want to use an IC socket solder the IC only at the end.

kick pcb

Step A3. Solder all ceramic capacitors.

kick pcb

Step A4. Turn the board and solder the four transistors. Be careful of not to short their pins. Flux, as always, is highly suggested.

kick pcb

Step A5. Solder the 10-pin header Eurorack connector.

kick pcb

Step A6. Turn the board again and solder the three transistors, using the same care used in step A4.

kick pcb

Step A7. Solder the film capacitors and the two 22uF electrolytic capacitors.

kick pcb

Step A8. Turn the board again and solder the 33uF electrolytic capacitor.

kick pcb

Everything apart from the two 14-pin headers are soldered on the board now. It is time to solder the front PCB.

Front PCB Build

Step B1. Check the alignment of the PCB (label U1 is the top row), arrange the jack sockets and the potentiometers. Be careful on placing the B1M at position U4. Do not arrange nor solder the LED for now.

kick pcb

Step B2. Solder the components. Tip: in order to be sure to align the components to the front panel, install the front panel as in photo below and solder the components on the back.

kick pcb

Step B3. Install the LED cap in the panel. Firmly press the cap on the panel until it clicks in.

kick pcb

Step B4. Insert the LED as shown in picture. Doublecheck that the short lead is up.

kick pcb

Step B5. Insert the panel again, and check that the LED is fully inserted into the cap. Solder the LED in place.

kick pcb

Step B6. Solder the socket headers. Tip: In order to align the Main PCB's pin headers to the Front PCB's socket headers, assemble the two PCBs together, as in picture, and solder them in place. Note that the two MRG logos are aligned at the bottom of the module on both PCBs.

kick pcb

Congratulations! The build is nearly done.

Final Module Assembly

Step C1. Insert the IC in the socket. If you haven't used an IC socket, solder the IC now.

kick pcb

Step C2. All that's left now is to install the front panel, using nuts and washers to keep it attached, and adding the knobs to the potentiometers.

kick pcb

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Bill of Materials

This is the required bill of materials if you bought the PCBs+Panel only. All components listed below are already included in the full DIY kit.

Resistors usually included in the kit are usually Multicomp MF12 Series.

Note: Use of 1% tolerance 3.5mm resistors highly recommended.

Component Quantity





Ceramic Capacitors:

100nF (104) 3
1nF (102) 1
10nF (103) 3
33nF (333) 1

Other Capacitors:

22uF Electrolytic Capacitor 2 Nichicon UPW1E220MDD6
33uF Electrolytic Capacitor 1 Nichicon USW1E330MDD
15nF Film Capacitor 3 5mm pitch, polyester
100nF Film Capacitor 1 5mm pitch, polyester

Other Components:

1N4148 Diode 6 DO-35
BC549 Transistor 7
LED 3mm 1 Lite-on LTL1CHKFKNN
14 Pin 2 Row Header2
14 Pin 2 Row Socket2
10 Pin 2 Row Header1
B100K3Alpha 9mm T18 Potentiometer
B1M1Alpha 9mm T18 Potentiometer
PJ398SM 3.5mm Jacks3