The MRG VCO is an oscillator based on the AS3340 (clone of the CEM3340).

Quality components, polypropylene timing capacitor, and precise tuning make this a small, simple, but high quality oscillator.

1V/Oct CV stable over more than 6 octaves, precise waves, PWM and SYNC input.

Output waves are square and sawtooth.

When no PWM input is present, the square wave has a duty cycle of 50% – this is actually configurable by an internal trimmer.

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Technical Details:

Width: 4HP (2cm)
Depth: 4cm
Square Out: +5V / -5V
Saw Out: +5V / -5V
Frequency range: 16Hz - 24kHz

Panel Description:

CV 1V/Oct CV input
MOD Exponential FM input
SYNC Hard Sync
PWM Pulse-Width Modulation Input
M Attenuator for the MOD input
C Coarse base frequency
F Fine base frequency
SAW OUT Sawtooth output
SQUARE OUT Square/Pulse output