The MRG VCA is a dual linear VCA module, based on the AS3360 (clone of the CEM3360).

It's an extremely flexible module and can be used in a variety of ways.

Both VCAs can be controlled by a CV entry, modulated by control knob.

VCA1 also has an initial gain control (B1), that offsets the CV input by a constant value. This allows VCA1 to be left always open, with the initial gain controlling the amplification.

If both input jacks are used (IN1, IN2), the two VCAs will operate independently. The output of VCA1 will go to OUT1, the output of VCA2 will go to OUT2.

If there's no jack in IN2, the two VCAs will be cascaded, and the output of VCA1 will go both to OUT1 and as an input to VCA2. This allows this module to be used to process both the MIDI Velocity and the envelope of an audio signal.

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Technical Details:

Width: 4HP (2cm)
Depth: 4cm

Panel Description:

IN1 Input Signal for VCA1
CV1 Control Voltage for VCA1 amplification
M1 Attenuator for CV1
B1 Initial gain of VCA1
OUT1 output of VCA1
IN2 Input Signal for VCA2 [OUT1 default].
CV2 Control Voltage for VCA2 amplification
M2 Attenuator for CV2
OUT2 Output of VCA2