This is a classic envelope generator, based on AS3310, a clone of the CEM3310. Features a separate trigger input, normal and inverse envelope output, high quality components and careful engineering.

When the TRIGGER input is unconnected, rising and falling edges of the GATE input will trigger a classic ADSR envelope.

If the TRIGGER input is connected, a high GATE level will bring the output to SUSTAIN level, and the GATE falling edge will start the release phase. A TRIGGER input when GATE is high will start an attack/decay cycle. Attack, Decay and Release times vary exponentially with the control knob. For each of these parameters, the ratio between the longest possible time and the shortest is slightly more than 3000:1.

This is the second version of the MRG ADSR. The previous one is sold out. Although the module has been completely redesigned, the only visible change from the previous module is the knob orientation.

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Technical details

Width: 4HP (2cm)
Depth: 4cm
Attack time range 1.75msec to 5s
Decay time range 2.4msec to 8s
Release time range 2.4msec to 8s
Attack level5V
Sustain level0 to 5V
Inverse envelope0 to -5V

Panel Description:

GATE Gate input
TRIGGER Optional trigger input
A Attack time
D Delay time
S Sustain level
R Release level
ENV OUT Envelope output
-ENV OUT Inverse Envelope output