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MRG Synthesizer

MRG Synthesizers (mrgsynth) are handmade modules designed by me in Cambridge, UK.

These modules are the result of my growing interest in music synthesis. MRG modules implement high quality classical building blocks of subtractive analog synthesis, with a focus on simplicity and versatility.

I approach synthesizers as technical instruments to explore that marvellous connection between mathematics and brain that we call music. Being technical instruments, MRG modules are designed to be conceptually simple (i.e., do one thing well), and their panels are meant to be concise, and somewhat dry and rational.

Currently all modules are part of the MRG 4HP Series, a series of small, narrow but powerful and elegant modules.

You can buy MRG Synthesizers online.

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Latest News


14 Nov 2020 – MRG Synthesizers at SoundMIT 2020


MRG synthesizers will be an exhibitor at SoundMIT 2020 Virtual Edition.

Check the MRG Synthesizers Virtual Booth and be sure to register to the event (it's free) if you want to have access to the exclusive 15% discount at the MRG Synthesizers store.

See you there!


01 Nov 2020 – Chip Tüna strikes again!

Only a day after his first video using MRG modules, Chip Tüna Sound Workshop is back with two videos showcasing the MRG modules.

The first one is a sonic exploration of the MRG 3320 LPF filter pinging:

In the second one, MRG goes Acid!

Once again, thank you, Chip Tüna!


30 Oct 2020 —An incredible demo of the MRG Synthesizer line!

Chip Tüna Sound Workshop got hold of the MRG Synth modules, and produced some really great music!

He also does a great job at explaining what MRG is all about. Thank you, Chip Tüna!